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the best vacation
2014-08-27 13-17-12
The best vacation consist of:
- the buying of swimsuit at the date of departure
- the delay of transfer bus
- the spending the night before doors of closed airport....

In your best vacation you learn how to catch the big sea-waves,
2014-08-21 16-08-32

you take sunbaths too much till you become red-skinned,
2014-08-19 15-24-22

you go every evening along seaside to another cities for dinner and listen a lot of romanian pop.
2014-08-20 20-32-28

You walk in the Carpat mountains in fog,
2014-08-23 14-23-26

you look at paintings of unexpected amazing paintist in his house-museum,
2014-08-26 15-06-22

you sit in one cloister where is the only smiling icone in the world,
2014-08-26 13-19-36

you listen to romanian jazz in the place near Drakulas castle.
2014-08-28 07-35-04

And all this time you meet nice and friendly people, learn special phrases in Romanian like "pupa-ma!" (means "kiss me!"), eat very tasty national food and alcoholic sweets.

So, if you want to have something special...not plan! just relax!
2014-08-27 11-18-14


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